Art De La Guerre V4

ADLG Version 4.0

Wargaming rules - Ancient and Medieval - Hervé Caille

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    Photo: Thierry Molière

    Statistics 2024-05-20

    The statistics section contains the results of all Art de la Guerre games played during a tournament or an official game. It allows to consult players’ results and armies’ results. Each player has an ELO ranking and a championship ranking (refer to the document about tournament organisation).

    You can consult the statistics by selecting an event (tournament or game), an army or a player. By clicking on the links, you will then get the details of the games for a tournament, for an army or for a player.

    Event Details : STRATEGIKON CRUSADERS THEMED ( Greece) - Autres th?me


    RankingScoreChampionshipPlayer N°FirstnameLastnameArmy N°ArmyARM_IDSArmy/Armies
    139183.001133GeorgeLINARDOS193Komnenan Byzantine193
  • Komnenan Byzantine
  • 2377103.00712TimPORTER196Later Crusader196
  • Later Crusader
  • 333056.001100SpyrosPAPATHEODOROU190Feudal Spanish190
  • Feudal Spanish
  • 432978.001432SpirosKARAKITSOS183Feudal English183
  • Feudal English
  • 532490.00354ThomasMAISTRIAUX220Teutonic Knights220
  • Teutonic Knights
  • 630053.001553ThrasyvoulosDRAKOULIS186Feudal Anglo-Irish186
  • Feudal Anglo-Irish
  • 729757.001139ChrisKOUKOUVINOS196Later Crusader196
  • Later Crusader
  • 828124.001138PanosMOUNTIS189Communal Italian189
  • Communal Italian
  • 9273-14.001102Vasillis billBIKOS203Seljuk Turks203
  • Seljuk Turks
  • 1026835.001261MarkLITTLETON GRAY181Anglo-Norman181
  • Anglo-Norman
  • 11268-2.001134HarisKONSTANTARAS190Feudal Spanish190
  • Feudal Spanish
  • 12265-1.001818DimitrisLEKKAS257Second Bulgarian Empire257
  • Second Bulgarian Empire
  • 13254-49.00768DavidALLEN220Teutonic Knights220
  • Teutonic Knights
  • 14243-34.00303PhilippeBONNE196Later Crusader196
  • Later Crusader
  • 152391.001730NikosLEKKAS256Serbian Empire256
  • Serbian Empire
  • 16238-25.00142Jean-louisMAISTRIAUX218Feudal Scandinavian218
  • Feudal Scandinavian
  • 17197-74.00359SergeRENIER202Fatimid Egyptian202
  • Fatimid Egyptian
  • 18195-59.001554GeorgeMANIS203Seljuk Turks203
  • Seljuk Turks
  • 19156-78.00284LaurentROUSSEAU191Feudal German191
  • Feudal German
  • 20144-114.001775ManosSIMIANAKIS218Feudal Scandinavian218
  • Feudal Scandinavian