Art De La Guerre

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Wargaming rules - Ancient and Medieval - Hervé Caille

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    Photo: Thierry Molière

    Statistics 2020-03-01

    The statistics section contains the results of all Art de la Guerre games played during a tournament or an official game. It allows to consult players’ results and armies’ results. Each player has an ELO ranking and a championship ranking (refer to the document about tournament organisation).

    You can consult the statistics by selecting an event (tournament or game), an army or a player. By clicking on the links, you will then get the details of the games for a tournament, for an army or for a player.

    Event Details : CENTRAL LONDON WINTER 2017 ( Great Britain) - Ancient period


    RankingScoreChampionshipPlayer N°FirstnameLastnameArmy N°ArmyARM_IDSArmy/Armies
    127984.53397HubertBRETAGNE84Early Imperial Roman84
  • Early Imperial Roman
  • 226078.91712TimPORTER98Ancient British98
  • Ancient British
  • 321367.22708PeterWEBB40Alexander the Great40
  • Alexander the Great
  • 420062.90974AnthonyRODWELL85Middle Imperial Roman85
  • Middle Imperial Roman
  • 519560.31865ChrisRICHARDS41Early Successors41
  • Early Successors
  • 619458.59711HarrisonPEARCE42Seleucid42
  • Seleucid
  • 718855.78713DarrellPEARCE42Seleucid42
  • Seleucid
  • 818553.63485JesseSCHOOR46Graeco-Bactrian and Graeco-Indian46
  • Graeco-Bactrian and Graeco-Indian
  • 915846.271173LudvigUHLBORS77Sarmatian77
  • Sarmatian
  • 1015043.041174SimonBROWN88Gallic88
  • Gallic
  • 1114841.10873HowardGRAY98Ancient British98
  • Ancient British
  • 1214538.94710DaveSAUNDERS85Middle Imperial Roman85
  • Middle Imperial Roman
  • 1313835.921175DenisGREY84Early Imperial Roman84
  • Early Imperial Roman
  • 1413433.55870JohnPOPE65Lydian65
  • Lydian
  • 1513231.61717CliveMCLEOD83Spartacus83
  • Spartacus
  • 1613029.67971MikeROWLAND109Sassanid Persian109
  • Sassanid Persian
  • 1712927.95869StanleySOLA42Seleucid42
  • Seleucid
  • 189017.99973MartinHEALEY102Parthian102
  • Parthian
  • 198214.76867BryanEDWARDS120Chinese North. and South. Dynasties120
  • Chinese North. and South. Dynasties
  • 20639.13874SimonELLIS55Carthaginian55
  • Carthaginian