Art De La Guerre

ADLG Version 3.0

Wargaming rules - Ancient and Medieval - Hervé Caille

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    Photo: Thierry Molière

    Statistics 2020-10-26

    The statistics section contains the results of all Art de la Guerre games played during a tournament or an official game. It allows to consult players’ results and armies’ results. Each player has an ELO ranking and a championship ranking (refer to the document about tournament organisation).

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    Army Details : Anglo-Saxon

    This army was used by 8 player(s) in 40 game(s)

    Best ranking is : 3

    Player N°FirstnameLastnameTRN_IDTournamentPRT_RND_IDResultScoreScoreArmy N°Army
    257ThierryBAYLAC83Les Ages Sombres4Defeat149687Patrician Roman
    257ThierryBAYLAC83Les Ages Sombres1Defeat1496125Justinian Byzantine
    257ThierryBAYLAC83Les Ages Sombres2Defeat179387Patrician Roman
    257ThierryBAYLAC83Les Ages Sombres3Draw4444164Hindu Indian
    1289HugoCARMONA481OURIQUE CLASSICAL 20183Draw404084Early Imperial Roman
    1289HugoCARMONA481OURIQUE CLASSICAL 20182Defeat288288Gallic
    1289HugoCARMONA481OURIQUE CLASSICAL 20181Draw3844171Tribal Mongol
    1289HugoCARMONA511LUSITANIA CHALLENGE 2018 DARK AGES4Draw5145127Thematic Byzantine
    1289HugoCARMONA511LUSITANIA CHALLENGE 2018 DARK AGES3Draw3850110Huns
    1289HugoCARMONA511LUSITANIA CHALLENGE 2018 DARK AGES2Victory8327137Khurasanian
    1289HugoCARMONA511LUSITANIA CHALLENGE 2018 DARK AGES1Defeat1991126Maurikian Byzantine
    1289HugoCARMONA511LUSITANIA CHALLENGE 2018 DARK AGES5Defeat1298128Nikephorian Byzantine
    823MarkCRIBBS381MID ATLANTIC TEAM TOURNAMENT 2017 - III2Victory9218148Feudal Spanish
    823MarkCRIBBS381MID ATLANTIC TEAM TOURNAMENT 2017 - III1Defeat2189150Viking and Leidang
    823MarkCRIBBS381MID ATLANTIC TEAM TOURNAMENT 2017 - III5Victory8723128Nikephorian Byzantine
    823MarkCRIBBS381MID ATLANTIC TEAM TOURNAMENT 2017 - III4Victory8525164Hindu Indian
    823MarkCRIBBS381MID ATLANTIC TEAM TOURNAMENT 2017 - III3Draw4943120Chinese North. and South. Dynasties
    823MarkCRIBBS643BARRAGE 20192Victory8319263Yuan Chinese
    823MarkCRIBBS643BARRAGE 20191Victory9217137Khurasanian
    823MarkCRIBBS643BARRAGE 20193Defeat2121175Feudal French
    223MAGNANDUTHIL23VILLEFONTAINE 20103Defeat199179Classical Indian
    223MAGNANDUTHIL23VILLEFONTAINE 20101Draw5246167Khmer Empire and Champa
    223MAGNANDUTHIL23VILLEFONTAINE 20102Draw5044172Norman or Frankish
    223MAGNANDUTHIL23VILLEFONTAINE 20104Defeat1595138Tulunid and Iqshidid Egyptian
    664MikeKENNEDY643BARRAGE 20193Draw4821225Hundred Years War English
    664MikeKENNEDY643BARRAGE 20192Draw4819187Later Crusader
    664MikeKENNEDY643BARRAGE 20191Draw4317175Feudal French
    273LionelMARTINEZ65Petites Guerres 2012 Ages sombres4Draw4643121Tamil Indian
    273LionelMARTINEZ65Petites Guerres 2012 Ages sombres3Defeat1298193Ghaznavid
    273LionelMARTINEZ65Petites Guerres 2012 Ages sombres2Victory9218167Khmer Empire and Champa
    273LionelMARTINEZ65Petites Guerres 2012 Ages sombres1Draw4548212Koryo Korean
    273LionelMARTINEZ65Petites Guerres 2012 Ages sombres5Defeat1793160Rus
    837RobPOOLEY446SCHILTRON 20183Draw454830Mycenaean
    837RobPOOLEY446SCHILTRON 20182Defeat1298210Samurai
    837RobPOOLEY446SCHILTRON 20181Defeat1199165Sui and Tang Chinese
    837RobPOOLEY446SCHILTRON 20185Defeat1595184Komnenan Byzantine
    837RobPOOLEY446SCHILTRON 20184Defeat179398Ancient British
    627BillSIERICHS497HISTORICON 25MM OPEN - POST 1000AD 20183Defeat1694266Yi Korean
    627BillSIERICHS497HISTORICON 25MM OPEN - POST 1000AD 20182Defeat2882231Burgundian
    627BillSIERICHS497HISTORICON 25MM OPEN - POST 1000AD 20181Defeat1793225Hundred Years War English