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US Team Tournament Jan 19-20 2019
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Inscrit le: 12 Nov 2014
Messages: 245
MessagePosté le: Mar Oct 23, 2018 2:28 am    Sujet du message: US Team Tournament Jan 19-20 2019 Répondre en citant
The US Team Tournament will be held on Jan 19-20 2019 at Huzzah Hobbies in Loudon VA (the same location as last year).

There will be four person teams and further details on periods, etc will be forthcoming shortly. If you do not have a full team or are looking for a team there are likely to be ample opportunities to make up teams so please let people know you are interested or looking for players.
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Inscrit le: 12 Nov 2014
Messages: 245
MessagePosté le: Mer Nov 21, 2018 12:08 pm    Sujet du message: Répondre en citant
Period 1 Dawn to 599 AD

PERIOD 2 and 3
The intent of the paired theme is to have the armies of Christendom fight their non-Christian enemies. Byzantine’s have been intentionally left out, although they may be taken as allies where applicable.

Period 2 Crusaders
1096AD to 1303AD
No Heavy Knights, No Foot Knights, No Elephants
148 (no Milan ally), 175 (183 (no allies ), 185-188, 190, 204-5, 209

Period 3 Non-Crusaders
1096AD to 1303AD
No Heavy Knights, No Foot Knights, No Elephants
153, 134, 139, 194-197, 199, 208, 219, 237, 239, 246, 253,

Period 4 High Medieval
Any army 1337-1500
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Inscrit le: 12 Nov 2014
Messages: 245
MessagePosté le: Sam Déc 15, 2018 2:54 pm    Sujet du message: Répondre en citant
I believe one team is looking for another player as they had someone drop out.
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Inscrit le: 01 Nov 2014
Messages: 777
Localisation: Londres Centraal.
MessagePosté le: Mer Jan 09, 2019 9:36 am    Sujet du message: Répondre en citant
I'm sure everyone has been on the edge of their seats waiting for the R&R, especially with the limited but fascinating choices in pools 2 & 3 ...

...but now you need wait no longer to find out who's list still has the possibility of actually having troops "in Syria" in Pool 3, or whether anyone has been brave enough to plump for the highly topical "Feudal Shutdown" list* in Pool 2... so without further ado, here's the R&R for this year's 40-strong USTT!

Team Player 1 Army

Baby Boomers Mark Bumala Mithraditic

Chuckleheads Bob Nedwich Judean Jewish

Beltway Bandits Ethan Zorick Assyrian

FNORD " Connor Tobin" Pyrrhic

Noodlers Steve Payne Sassanid

The Orphan Brigade John Shirey Armenian

Jersey Boys Allen Kaplan Ancient hebrew

Birmingham Bunnies Joey Miller Maurikian Byzantine

Work in Progress Richard Woolford African Vandal

Michigan Brothers Mike Ohtonen Romano British

Team Player 2 Army
Baby Boomers Roger Taylor Feudal Spanish
Chuckleheads Kevin Swanson Feudal Hungarian
Beltway Bandits Marc Crotteau L Crusader
FNORD " Jim Tobin" Feudal German
Noodlers Walt Burgoyne Order of St John
The Orphan Brigade Bill Sierichs L Crusader
Jersey Boys Tom Hazlett Feudal German
Birmingham Bunnies Brett Steifel F German
Work in Progress Nicolas Begue Feudal French
Michigan Brothers Al Ohtonen L Crusader

Team Player 3 Army
Baby Boomers Paul Woolerton Prussian
Chuckleheads Walt Leach Mamluk
Beltway Bandits Dan Hazelwood Fatimid
FNORD " David Bor" Ayyubid
Noodlers Hilton McManus Mamluk
The Orphan Brigade David Couvillon Lithuanian
Jersey Boys Dennis Shothouse Fatimid
Birmingham Bunnies Lee Cleveland Seljuk
Work in Progress Jeff Wiltrou Muscovite Russian
Michigan Brothers Paul Ohtonen Ayyubid

Team Player 4 Army
Baby Boomers Jeff Robertson Khmer
Chuckleheads Mike Kennedy Mongol Steppes
Beltway Bandits Bill McCampbell Tamil Indian
FNORD " Chris Sikorski " Swiss
Noodlers Ricky Jones Anglo Irish
The Orphan Brigade Mike Kelley Med German
Jersey Boys Lou Cardinale Med Spanish
Birmingham Bunnies Hab Setz Besieged Byzantine
Work in Progress Tucker Saglio Condotta
Michigan Brothers Steve Roper Med Scots

A big thanks also to everyone for being so prompt - and so accurate as well. Made my life much easier!


(* The Feudal Shutdowns are a little-known subset of the old DBM Medieval German list, for those of you who can remember that far back)
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Inscrit le: 18 Jan 2015
Messages: 154
Localisation: Wellington, New Zealand
MessagePosté le: Sam Jan 19, 2019 9:27 pm    Sujet du message: Répondre en citant
News from the front....

After 2 Rounds, standings are:

Noodler’s 606
Bunnies 597
Beltway 579
Chuckleheads 461
Work in progress 459
Boomers. 406
Jersey Boys. 375
FNORD. 272
Orphans. 249
Michigan. 245
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Inscrit le: 18 Jan 2015
Messages: 154
Localisation: Wellington, New Zealand
MessagePosté le: Dim Jan 20, 2019 12:10 am    Sujet du message: Répondre en citant
After 3 rounds:
Beltway 931
Noodlers 919
Bunnies 730
Chuckleheads 724
WIP 642
Jersey 603
Boomers 494
Michigan 493
Orphans 420

Round 4 draw:
Beltway v Noodlers
Bunnies v Chuckleheads
WIP v Jersey Boys
Boomers v Michigan
Orphans v FNORD
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Rafa Tortosa

Inscrit le: 25 Jan 2015
Messages: 122
MessagePosté le: Dim Jan 20, 2019 8:51 pm    Sujet du message: Répondre en citant
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Inscrit le: 18 Jan 2015
Messages: 154
Localisation: Wellington, New Zealand
MessagePosté le: Dim Jan 20, 2019 11:29 pm    Sujet du message: Répondre en citant
Final placings:
Noodlers 1442
Beltway Bandits 1344
Chuckleheads 1159
Birmingham Bunnies 1093
Jersey Boys 1036
Work in Progress 988
Michigan Brothers 982
Orphan Brigade 788
Baby Boomers 751

Top Player in periods
Period 1:
Rich W (WiP/430)

Period 2 (Crusaders):
Al O (MB/359)

Period 3 (Muslims):
Dan H (BB/465)

Period 4:
Rick J (N/404)
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Inscrit le: 24 Juil 2018
Messages: 2
MessagePosté le: Lun Jan 21, 2019 7:04 pm    Sujet du message: Répondre en citant
I played in the 2019 US Team Tournament this past weekend. I was the titular captain of the team Work in Progress, a makeshift group made up of otherwise teamless players. I played in Period 4 (the Late Medieval period). My army was Italian Condotta, using the Venetian option (1440).

The Army

C-in-C (Gattamelata) (Brilliant)
-2 Heavy Knight, Impact, Ordinary
-2 Crossbow, Ordinary
-2 Medium Swordsmen, Heavy Weapons, Ordinary
-2 Light Infantry, Firearms, Elite

Command 2 (Sforza) (Brilliant)
-3 Heavy Knight, Impact, Ordinary
-2 Crossbow, Ordinary
-1 Light Horse, Crossbow, Ordinary
-1 Heavy Artillery

Command 3 (Ordinary)
-3 Heavy Knight, Impact, Ordinary
-2 Light Horse, Javelin, Elite

The strategy for this army is to use its maneuverability to wrongfoot the enemy, pick him apart with missile fire, and then charge home with the knights. The combined-arms commands make the army very flexible, but it is fragile as it has a low break point of twenty and not a lot of cohesion points. Still, the core of seven heavy knights (who can dismount if needed) gives the army a lot of teeth, and it is viable against a wide range of opponents.

Game 1 - Khmer

My opponent had all the elephants in the world, supported by various medium infantry and some underwhelming cavalry. I won the initiative roll and opted to defend in the plains, as my plan was to use an aggressively placed ambush to flank the enemy while plantations broke up his main advance. I got my first wish, as the right flank was filled with a village and two plantations, but my second wish was thwarted as the middle of the battlefield was barren.

Command 1 ambushed on the right, Command 2 was in the center, while Command 3 held the left. I dismounted all the knights in 2 and 3, as there was little opportunity to pick on the medium foot and dismounts are marginally better at fighting elephants. The shooters from 1 and 2 held the hinge between their commands, relying on the ambush to cover them and keep them out of melee.

The ambush went off without a hitch, swiftly overwhelming the surprised Siamese allies and their lone elephant. The shooting worked like a charm as well, as the cannon and the crossbows weakened the enemy and even killed an elephant. However, the dismounted knights rolled terribly and were killed to the man - all six elements! Thankfully, they held on long enough for Command 1’s halberdiers to crash into the elephants’ flanks and roll them up, giving me a big win as my only losses were the foot knights.

Game 2 - Tamil Indian

My opponent had almost, but not quite, all the elephants in the world, supported by impetuous foot and some scattered bowmen. I won the initiative roll again and adopted a similar strategy to the previous game, and this time the terrain fell in a cluster in the center of the board. The right was wide open, the left had a gentle hill on my side that was well-placed for ambushes, and the jumble of fields and plantations in the center had a couple of convenient avenues for my knights.

I ambushed Command 1’s infantry behind the hill on the left, while Command 2’s shooters held the center, flanked by knights on either side. Command 3’s knights - on the far right - dismounted as, again, they had no way to avoid the elephants, but everyone else stayed on their horses. I wanted the extra speed to surround and flank the elephants, or to run over medium infantry that got in the way.

My opponent heavily weighted his right flank, charging at Command 3, which responded by marching backwards with the foot knights to refuse the flank while the stradiots did what they could to slow the enemy down. The shooters did their job again, gunning down another elephant, but the ambush was slow to get started due to bad command rolls. However, when Command 1 finally got into the mix it was faced only by a ragtag assortment of medium infantry - easy pickings for the knights. The infantry-on-infantry fights were a mixed bag, as both sides saw their swordsmen lose to archers, but the knights made this a clear win.

As a result, I was able to get flank charges off on several of the elephants in the center - but they held, and some of them even won! A disaster. Despite Command 3 doing a sterling job delaying the enemy’s main attack, and despite the success on the left, the swift collapse in the center handed me the narrowest of losses, decided by a single die roll.

Game 3 - Steppe Mongols

My opponent had two large commands of elite cavalry, some heavy, some medium, some light, all with bows, and a smaller command sent on a flank march. I won the initiative roll again and elected to defend in the mountains, but the terrain fell uselessly, all against the left board edge. The only thing on the right 5/6s of the table was a village on the right flank. I elected to anchor my defense on the village, with commands deployed 1, 3, 2, right to left, with a vague idea of advance in echelon across the board, shooting and charging as I went. As mentioned above, my opponent cunningly had a flank march, which derailed my battleplan before I rolled any dice!

As it turns out, my army was fairly well-suited to fighting Mongols, able to hurt them at range beat them in melee, using light cavalry to block their evade moves. My opponent refused his center and pressured my flanks, rightly focussing on my weaker right and avoiding the bulk of my knights in the middle. However, my infantry on the right put up a stout fight, fending off both the frontal attack and the flank march (which made the mistake of engaging my handgunners in urban combat and got slaughtered for their troubles). Conversely, bad rolls and clumsy play made a hash out of my left flank, and I was soundly beaten despite outnumbering my opponent in heavy troops.

In the end I barely hung on, as I learned that my stradiots are more than capable of beating medium cavalry in melee. The Albanians’ heroic efforts in the center allowed me to scrape out an undeserved draw, as both armies collapsed after suffering heavy casualties.

Game 4 - Medieval Spanish

Leery of the prowess of Alumghavars and jinetes, after winning the initiative roll I opted to attack in the plains, getting a gentle hill on my left and a scattering of fields on the right. I also narrowed the field with a river, which I like more than the standard coastline as the river can block off more table. My opponent had three monolithic commands: knights and jinetes on my left, spearmen in the middle, and crossbowmen and Almughavars on my right. I placed Command 3 in the open on the left, inviting a clash between the two bodies of elite light horse, while Command 2 held the middle, placing the shooters on the hill to be sandwiched between two bodies of knights. Finally, Command 1 went on the right, hoping to push out beyond the fields to catch the Almughavars in the open.

I advanced quickly to get the enemy in crossbow range, while the Spaniards held back, afraid of my cannon. What resulted was a standoff, where my combined-arms commands pinned the enemy frontally with crossbowmen and Command 2’s knights, while the other Commands’ knight worked around both ends of the line of Spanish knights and spears. The Almughavars tried to flank on the right, but they were first intimidated by my knights and then pinned in place by the halberdiers.

Eventually both sides charged in, rather erratically, resulting in a spread of combats. My flank guards - stradiots on the left, halberdiers on the right - were utterly crushed by their counterparts, but I won almost every other fight, thanks to my patience while working the knights into flanking positions. The Spanish center was routed and I won a clear victory.

Game 5 - Medieval Scots

After winning the initiative roll for the fifth time (!) I elected to attack in the plains. My hope was to place as many fields and plantations on the board as possible, dismount a few of my knights to contest the rough going, plug the gaps with my mounted knights, and then shoot the pike until they were forced to charge. I know from experience that the combination of bow and knights is a winner against mediocre pike, but you have to be patient.

The terrain was in my favor, with a plantation in the dead center of the board, a field-covered hill on the left, and bunch of fields on the right. The Scots placed an enormous command of pike, foot knights, and longbowmen in the center, with a small command of Highlanders in the fields on my right, and another small command of French knights in the clear on my far right. I responded by placing Command 2 on the right, opposite the fields, Command 1 in the center, controlling the plantation, and Command 3 in the gap between the plantation and the hill on the left.

The plan was to push hard against the Highlanders and longbowmen in the field with Command 2, while Command 1 outflanked the fields and used the plantation (and Command 3’s support) to pin the pike in place. Accordingly, I dismounted most of my knights in the center and on the right, as they were going to have to wade into terrain, leaving only a single element mounted to challenge the French. The plan got off to a good start, as the Highlanders came to me, leaving their flank totally exposed, and the pikes didn’t move at all. My halberdiers charged into the field as Command 2 pinned the Scots, but the dice rolls all went against me and Command 2 was annihilated in a single turn while the halberdiers were rebuffed by the longbowmen they had charged in the flank. Soon the only Venetian troops remaining on the right were a single unit of mounted knights (facing down three French knights), a unit of halberdiers with one cohesion left, and an artillery piece with nothing to shoot. I had also managed to get my handgunners killed as I had overlooked the enemy light infantry who came in to block their retreat, so I was already 3 points from breaking and had done virtually no damage to the enemy.

My sole consul was despair, by I resolved to fight it out and was rewarded by displays of heroism that almost outshined the previous displays of incompetence. The battered halberdiers managed to see off all of the longbowmen and Highlanders, while the single element of knights saw off two of his French counterparts, aided by the general leading from the front, and even killing the French general. Meanwhile, Command 3 and the crossbowmen occupied the attention of the pikes, with no combat at all other than some cohesion losses inflicted by shooting and the stradiots running down the Scottish light infantry. All of the action was on the right. My lone element of knights, enthused by their victory over the chivalry of France, decided to charge the last of the gendarmes in the rear, again with their general leading from the front. However, the Italian horses were blown after the sustained combat, and the Frenchmen managed to win the fight and kill the general, doing just enough to win the day for their Scottish allies.


I finished the tournament 2-2-1, while my team finished in the middle of the pack. However, we won a consolation prize for exceeding our combined Elo rating, and I won a further consolation prize for exceeding my personal Elo rating. This is almost certainly due to the fact that I don’t think I have an Elo rating, having never played in a tournament before.

The tournament was great, the venue was great, and all of my opponents were great. My only complaint was that it would have been nice to have assigned tables for each round, rather than a free-for-all to grab whatever table you could.

My army performed well. The single elements of artillery was great, killing elephants and softening up enemy shock troops. Two elements is probably too much, but one is just right. I am bad at using light troops, but having two stradiots together was good as they could gang up and kill enemy skirmishers or medium cavalry. The mix of knights, medium halberdiers, and crossbowmen was a good combination for the core of the army.

Some possible changes would be downgrading the elite lights to ordinary and adding another unit of light infantry to bulk up the army’s break point. Or I could spend those 4 points to upgrade Commander 1 to a strategist, as his command was stretched thin at times. I could also upgrade the light cavalry crossbowmen to medium cavalry to give me another fighting unit and reducing the number of light troops to mishandle.
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